continuing your relationship after having a baby

Hi i am a new housewife and mother. I previously worked hard but put my career on hold to start a family. I have never written a blog before and never desired to. That is until today after reading an article about a couple who u

sed a karma sutra app. Many people commented on the fact that they had a cot in their room. Well i decided to comment as a mother and advised that i dont do karma sutra but ofcourse couples have sex… ahem… thats where the baby came from! And yes the cot is in the room. I was then faced with many replies calling me a bad mother and accusing me of child abuse!!. How extraordinary! Why are we english so prude?  my baby is 3 months old, fast asleep in a cot far away from the bed. Babies dont remember these things even if they saw them. I certainly dont remember anything before 3/4 years old. The people claiming i am traumatising my baby must be superhumans if they can remember this far back.

It is reccomended that a baby shares a room with its parents for the first 6 months. So do i now shun my husband and relationship for 6 months resulting in tension and arguments that will traumatise my baby, or continue a loving relationship which will benefit my baby?

Last year 59% of americans admitted to having relations with their baby in the room. So is it that bad? Are we abusing our children?

Many years ago and still to this day in some countries, families shared bedrooms. If their parents didnt have sex whilst children slept we wouldnt have survived as a human race. Think about it…

Give me your thoughts!




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